Vacuum Cleaner Bags or A Bag-less Cleaner?

A choice to be made when you are thinking of purchasing a new vacuum cleaner is whether you prefer to go with a conventional model which uses used vacuum cleaner bags to collect the dirt or choose a bagless vacuum.

In this article we will look at some of the factors which you might like to take into account when making your decision:

Ease of cleaning and convenience. It is probably a little bit easier and less time consuming to take out and replace a vacuum cleaner bag than to empty a dust collection bucket, although in good bag-less models the process is clean and simple as well. An added factor is the inconvenience which some people find in constantly having to have a supply of spare vacuum bags in their house.

Cost. The initial cost of bag-less vacuum cleaners tends to be a higher than with a traditional bagged model. You may be advised that the saving on not having to buy vacuum cleaner bags on a regular basis will soon make up for that, but there are other elements to consider when we look at the running costs of  bagless vacuum cleaners, and we will cover these in the final point below.

As regards the vac bags themselves, generic vacuum cleaner bags tend to cost less than branded models. Since so many top vacuum cleaners in India present at the stores, choosing the best vacuum cleaners among them is a very frustrating task.

The Cost of Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance. While it is true that there are no ongoing expenses for new vacuum cleaner bags what you will have to buy on a fairly regular basis for a bag-less vacuum are filters. It is difficult to make a fair comparison between the expected level of faults and repairs between these two types of vacuum cleaners, and while a little online investigation may make it seem as though the bag-less models are more prone to problems it is recommended that you check a number of customers comments and reviews for the specific models you are interested in.

Buying Kirby Bags Online

While Kirby vacuum cleaners are only ever sold by the firm’s door to door salesmen, Kirby bags can be bought online. You will find them being offered both on the official Kirby site and on independent vendor sites.

If you are looking for Kirby bags for generation 4 and 5 vacuum cleaners you should expect to pay around $15 for a pack of 9 and you will probably find very little difference in price between the independent sites and the official one, although you should always check whether shopping costs are going to bump up the final price you need to pay.

Apart from the Kirby vacuum cleaner bags, you will also find that their vacuum belts and scents tabs are among the popular Kirby vacuum parts which are available online. These are often packaged together with the Kirby bags in a special pack which can work out a bit cheaper than buying each part separately.

The scent tabs which we mentioned are actually quite a nice idea if you want to leave a pleasant fragrance in your home after vacuum cleaning. If you want to buy just these then expect to pay around $10 or so for a pack of freshly scented tabs.

Other Parts Which Aren’t Quite so Common

There are other parts which aren’t so commonly sought out by users in the way that the Kirby bags are but which might just save you a lot of hassle if something goes wrong with your machine. For example, new Kirby cords might be something which you never have to look for but which could be a real life saver if you ever need to look for a new one. The same goes for the replacement wheels, which only cost about $10 each, depending upon the model, but which could save you from having to think about buying a new machine if one of the original wheels gets broken or even falls off.

How To Choose Hoover Bags

As Hoover vacuum cleaners are among the most popular brands all over the world, it is no surprise to learn that Hoover bags are among the most sought after accessories.

When you are looking to buy Hoover bags there are some key questions you will probably be interested in finding out, so we have gathered together a number of the most commonly asked ones and provided the answers.

Q. Are all Hoover bags the same?

A. No. You will need to look for the bags which match your own Hoover model. For example, if you use a Hoover upright vacuum of the Y type then you will need to look for Hoover bags Y models as well. By the same token, if you have a Henry Hoover then you need to look for Henry Hoover bags.

Q. Are unbranded vacuum cleaner bags just as good as Hoover bags?

A. In general terms, these bags are a bit cheaper and not quite of the same quality. The main difference is that these generic bags are usually made to work with a number of difference machines, meaning that the fit might not be quite as perfect as with vacuum bags which have been designed specifically for the vacuum cleaner you use. You may wish to try both types of bag at the outset, to check where Hoover bags are better for your need or whether saving a little bit of money isn’t going to give you a noticeable drop in performance.

Internet Buying is Best

Q. Is it best to look for a Hoover bag deal online?

A. It usually works out cheaper to buy your new bags from an internet vendor. Apart from the cost, there is also the ease which which you receive your order straight to your door. It can be worth checking whether making a bulk order can save you money on the delivery charges before you go ahead and order.

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