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Long live the microwave oven!

Whether it’s for a cosy home, a one-stop workplace, a swanky hotel, a seaside cottage, or a camper van, one item always finds its way in some nook – the microwave oven. This highly functional appliance, along with other interior furnishings, can update the feel of your entire home. Most workplaces nowadays also have a pantry which allocates a reserved place for the trusty microwave oven. Lets find out best microwave ovens in India here.

If you think that the current crop of microwave ovens you are seeing everywhere (in appliance stores or in online sites replete with microwave oven reviews) are eating up loads of counter space, prepare to be astonished. The microwave ovens of yore were massive metal boxes, a far cry from the counter top versions that harmoniously blend with fixtures in today’s modern homes.

The microwave oven’s discovery by an engineer, Dr. Perry Spencer, happened by chance. While busy with a research project (he was conducting tests on a magnetron tube), he found that certain edible matters like candy and egg melted and exploded, respectively, when exposed to microwave energy. He went on to create the first microwave oven, the bulky predecessor of the high-quality compact or built-in models you see now in most microwave oven reviews.

New-generation microwave ovens come with multiple features to offer users speedy and convenient cooking and reheating of food. Generally, the compact-sized microwave ovens are more cost-efficient. Medium-sized to big options heat food quicker, though. Check out microwave oven reviews to determine which type/model will best suit you. There’s bound to be one that’s suited for your lifestyle and needs.

Sanyo Microwaves

A microwave oven is used to defrost, heat or cook your food at a much faster rate compared to a conventional oven. Microwave ovens can perform a lot of your culinary activities, such as baking, cooking, broiling, defrosting, and heating, thus saving you a lot of time. In addition to fast cooking time, each dish turns out tender and tasty to the bargain.

Most microwave ovens operate with a convection facility that makes use of fans and advanced airflow distribution, enabling you to cook your food faster without wasting much electricity. Microwave ovens are particularly useful if you have a big family, when the need for speed and big meals are of utmost importance.

Such is the case with the Sanyo EM-S9515W Family Size Microwave Oven, which you can use for roasting, crisping, browning, and even for snack preparation, such as buttered popcorn. You needn’t use much oil, and the nutrients in each dish are preserved perfectly.

With the Sanyo EM-S9515W Family Size Microwave Oven, no dish is too big or two small. Manufactured with a 1.4 cubic feet interior, it has a larger than normal 12 1/4-inch turntable of glass. This microwave oven can cook a dinner size plate meal easily. Both elegance and a strong design can be seen in its contemporary oven door, and a easy-to-use yet refined keypad. The keypad gives you a choice of 8 programming selections for the most common types of food cooked in microwaves, 10 Power Levels, plus food weight and time-programmable defrosting.

Smeg Dishwashers

Smeg dishwashers are known to be world class. They have detailed designs and high capacity cleaning for most dishes. Dishwashers from smeg can be categorized into three types: the freestanding or built-in design, the fully integrated design and the semi-integrated design. You can buy top 10 dishwashers here.

There are many freestanding models you could choose from and they are perfect with your table top. This arrangement is ideal for you to have more space in your kitchen because you could use the table as a preparation area while under it is the dishwasher. The built-in dishwasher is good under a worktop counter since it has adjustable legs that would make it easy to align it in the cabinetry.

The fully integrated smeg dishwashers are easy to blend with your kitchen design while its control panel is not visually accessible. You need to consult with your kitchen manufacturer about where you can put your solid control panel. The semi-integrated dishwashers can blend in with your kitchen cabinetry design where you can automatically see the control panel.

There are also available smeg dishwashers that have features like low energy usage and lesser water consumption. Because of its elite construction there is low energy usage thus it makes it eco-friendly. The dishwashers from smeg also have a lower noise level that ranges from 47dB to 52 dB.

A 50dB noise level can already free you from hearing the rumbling noises of the dishes to be washed. Some models of smeg also have the feature LED display that displays the time that the programme will end and shows the time left for the cycle to end.

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