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The 3 Best Dental Insurance Programs For Seniors

You often hear about the talk of health insurance and how important it is, especially for the most vulnerable in society (that being children, seniors and those in poverty). However, you don’t hear about the importance of dental insurance. The fact is that dental insurance is just as important, as dental operations, dentures and the like can cost into the tens of thousands, if not more. Dental insurance can help alleviate those costs and tends to be extremely affordable, making it a no-brainer for everyone involved.

As with all types of insurance, it’s important to read the fine print and learn exactly what they cover, how much they cover, what and who are excluded from coverage, possible waiting periods and maximum annual or lifetime coverage benefits. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that have a reputable name but offer cheap plans with virtually no coverage – you’d be better off with no insurance at all (though in reality, you should pay the few dollars more for good coverage!). The follow are the best 3 dental insurance companies for those over 65.

  1. AARP – Delta

The American Association of Retired People (AARP) offers a special insurance plan geared specifically towards seniors. This is the only plan made by seniors for seniors. The actual coverage is provided through Delta Dental Insurance, a well-known insurance company that generally provides good coverage. When it comes to dental insurance, it is very important to try to get an HMO plan rather than a PPO. AARP offers both, and the HMO plan covers the most without a waiting period for most treatments – easily making it the best plan you can possibly get!

  1. Guardian

The plan above (#1) is only available for members of AARP – not every senior is a member. In addition, there may be non-seniors who aren’t eligible for AARP membership but want to get a dental insurance plan that they can keep for the foreseeable future, as they age past the “senior age.” If you’re looking for an alternative to AARP, look no further than Guardian. The exact plan benefits depends on your state, age and other factors, but they are known for their easy-to-work with customer service & claims department, as well as their willingness to go above and beyond for their customers and patients.

  1. Savings Plans

There is a third option that is widely popular for seniors, especially those not looking to pay the higher premiums that the elderly normally pay for dental care. It is called a Dental Savings Plan and provides similar benefits to insurance – though it’s not insurance. What it does is give you treatments at a specific price (which is often cheaper or the same as you would pay with a low-cost insurance plan) the dental office has to charge you. This is ideal due to the extremely low cost of these plans, even for seniors, though it technically doesn’t count as an insurance plan.

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