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GE Refrigerators


GE refrigerators are available not only is regular sizes such as, but you can also go for the GE Profile or GE CustomStyle fridge that are designed to give your refrigerator the built in lo0k, matching your kitchen cabinets.

GE fridges consist of a variety of different types including, side-by-side, double door refrigerators, top freezer, bottom freezer, single door refrigerators & Beverage Centers

I have listed the various features that I think are the most useful

  • Integrated Ice™ System — Frees up valuable freezer space. It tilts down, providing easy access to bulk ice
  • ClimateKeeper System – this feature is designed to manage the temperature, with the help of a multiflow air system, as well as variable-speed freezer fans, this keeps to blow the cold air throughout the freezer keeping the temperautre as consistent as possible
  • GE SmartWater Plus filtration system — you don’t need to purchase filtered water anymore, GE fridges have water filtration built in. I have this feature on my Amana refrigeratorand I love it, get fresh clean water, and it also saves space cause you don’t need to buy a water purifier.
  • if you like to entertain and need lots of ice quickly then the Quick Ice feature will come in handy. This option is designed to make ice up to 50% faster than regular ice makers

GE newest Linear refrigerators use something called “Green technology”, these fridges are the most energy efficient, quietest and environmentally friendly units.

From the consumer reviews that I have read people love GE electronics refrigerators, the spaciousness of the interior design. Also consumer found them very easy to clean. Noise, what noise, very quite is what most reviews stated. Some consumers did complain about the ice maker being a little loud, overall they did love them however.

Compact Freezer

Getting a compact freezer means you can enjoy the utility and features of coolers or fridges in a smaller size and style.

If you are new to buying a compact refrigerator freezer then you might face certain hindrances while selecting the appropriate model. It is essential that you follow some tips so that you can purchase the right unit.

Buying Your First Compact Refrigerator Freezer

First of all, save time by knowing your budget. When you have your budget range then you can prepare a list of models available in the market within that range. Once you have shortlisted the number of available products, you have to narrow it down further.

There are several compact upright freezer essential factors to keep in mind when searching, and one such factor is the location. Determine the space within your home or apartment where you want to place the unit. It is essential to learn about the height and width of the model you’re looking at so that you can find the right fit in a specific corner of your kitchen.

The popularity of compact freezers has increased considerably as many people are moving to apartments and the size of the family is getting reduced. These units are perfect for storing ice cream, fish, chicken, eggs or any other types of food in a fresh environment without consuming a lot of space.

Apart from the utility of limited space consumption, these compact fridges help in reducing the electricity bill expense with the economical consumption of energy. In comparison to a large-sized freezer, compact units can save up to 50 percent more energy.

Upright Compact Freezer Storage Capacity and Dimensions

The next thing to consider is the freezer’s capacity requirements. Most of the small upright freezers include a capacity of 1.3 cubic feet, 1.6 cubic feet or more. It is important that you figure out what capacity will meet your requirements as it is directly proportional to the usages that you can get out of it.

You can choose between different types of dimensions of these compact freezers. The smaller units usually range between 1.3 cubic feet and 1.6 cubic feet and the price for these models varies from $140 to $230 approximately. These units can store up to forty pounds of frozen items, which makes the units practical anywhere in the home or office.

However, if you think that you need a bigger unit then you can go 2 or 3-cubic-foot models. These units definitely require more space and have a higher price range that varies approximately between $300 and $500.

Recommended Best Compact Upright Freezers to Buy

The Haier HUM013EA can store up to 46 pounds of food. The storage space is 1.3 cubic feet and it is perfect for maintaining freshness of food. It comes with a full-width coated wire shelf which can slide out to create more space to place tall bottles. Its adjustable thermostat control and reversible door adds to the convenience. It performs quietly, but the motor at the lower section of the freezer consumes some storage space. The price of this Haier compact freezer is under $150.

The EdgeStar CRF150SS is a compact and efficient fridge freezer with a stainless steel door. This model comes with an energy-saving manual defrost, 1.5 cubic feet of storage space, true zero degree freezing and other varied features. The unit is small enough so that you can easily carry it over the stairs without any help. It performs quietly, but isn’t spacious enough to store large amount of items. Unlike chest freezers, it provides easy access to items. The cost of this model is $139.

Apart from these units, there are several other compact freezers available in the market. You must do proper research and then invest in a model that suits your need and budget perfectly.

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