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At-Home Dental Treatments

For some seniors, going to the dentist is simply an impossible task. That is especially true when you consider how often seniors need to see a dentist compared with younger, healthy adults. One of the greatest assets to any senior is Geriatric Dental Care at home – where a dental professional goes directly to your house and treats you on your own bed! Believe it or not, most treatments that you go to the dentist for can be done directly in the comfort of your own home.

What can be done at home?

Mobile dental clinics have gotten so sophisticated, thanks to technological improvements, that you can now transport virtually every machine inside a dentist’s office directly into a patients’ home. That is ideal for your standard X-Rays that become more and more important the older you get. It is also perfect for other preventative care dental services, such as teeth whitening’s and fillings.

In addition to those basic services, at-home dental geriatric care can perform more complex procedures – such as the creation of new dentures, the repair of old ones, crowns, bridges and even root canals. Depending on the teeth and severity, a variety of tooth extraction procedures can also be performed directly in the comfort of your own bed.

What can’t be done at home?

Over the past few years, high-tech introductions in the dental industry has made the needed equipment smaller and mobile, which means that virtually everything can be brought to you. With that said, if you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is highly recommended that you go to the dentist yourself in order to get treated right away. Most at-home dental care services work on a schedule with other patients and set appointments to see you, thus are much less likely to be available during a dental emergency (such as losing a tooth or other severe issues).

Does it cost more?

The mobile dental equipment is more expensive and safety regulations require more time and insurance from a mobile dentist. In addition, it limits the amount of patients a dentist can see in any given day. Naturally, that means that costs are going to be more than what they would have been otherwise. However, insurance is still accepted and the benefits from getting oral care in the comfort of your own home outweigh the additional costs involved.

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